15 Outlets functional extension socket with USB and Type C charge

Founded in 2010, JiuJiu Eelectronic has been delighting customers worldwide as the full-line supplier of products including pivot flexible Surge Protector, Master/Slave power strips, WIFI Control Socket, Power strip with USB charge, Power Extension Cable socket, Power travel adaptor, PDU, Baby electric music shaker, etc.

Model: PU1560-CU

15 AC outlets + 5 USB + 1 type C                             

1, Cable: 1.5m, 3G, 16AWG

2, AC Rating: 125V/15A/1875W

3, Surge Protection: MOV Surge Protection

4, Product Size: 265x113x26mm

5, USB Output: 5V 3.4A, max 17W
6, Type C 20W

Product Details

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